cropped-cropped-ghrf.pngSubject to the resources available, activities may include:

  • Public lectures.
  • Specialist seminars, lecture series, and academic symposia.
  • Research projects.
  • Fellowships or scholarships.
  • Co-ordination and support for books, articles, and other publications.
  • Expert advice.
  • Promotion and co-ordination between national and overseas institutions and scholars.
  • Liaison with funders and supporters.


Below is our President’s Report from June 2020, outlining our activities in the previous year:

The Garden History Research Foundation has launched several new initiatives over the last year. For these, I thank the energy and hard work of Foundation members: Treasurer Ian Duggan, Gail Pittaway, Peter Sergel, and Marilyn Yeoman, as well as Secretary James Cassidy. I also want to thank the financial support provided to us by the Friends of Hamilton Gardens.

2020 Achievements

  • Graduate Award for Outstanding Scholarship in Garden History:
    • July 2019, awarded to Zoë Heine (Victoria University of Wellington), to assist with her thesis on: ‘Community gardening’.
    • This was supported through funding provided by the Friends of Hamilton Gardens.
  • Garden History Lecture Series
    • COVID-19 lockdown has delayed the start of this series. Subject to a lifting on assembly and movement, we anticipate speakers at Hamilton Gardens on topics including gnomes, chinoiserie, and much more besides.
  • Bank account opened with SBS.

Looking to the year ahead, we plan to:

  • present a 2020 Graduate Award for Outstanding Scholarship in Garden History.
  • develop closer relations with the Australian Garden History Society, especially over research connections and the sharing of international speakers.
  • further a Garden History Public Lecture Series.
  • publish our first Occasional Papers
  • continue to expand our national and international outreach through blogs, publications, talks, social media posts, and advocacy.
  • open a donate page on our website.


James Beattie

Chair, Garden History Foundation