Upcoming Talk:

The Garden History Research Foundation invites you to attend a public lecture by Dr Ian Duggan speaking on “The History of Garden Gnomes”.


6.45pm Wednesday 11 November

$5 entry – proceeds to the Garden History Research Foundation

Chartwell Room, Hamilton Gardens Pavilion

Please RSVP to Marilyn Yeoman 07 839 3764 or preferably email at

Subject to the resources available, activities may include:

  • Public lectures.
  • Specialist seminars, lecture series, and academic symposia.
  • Research projects.
  • Fellowships or scholarships.
  • Co-ordination and support for books, articles, and other publications.
  • Expert advice.
  • Promotion and co-ordination between national and overseas institutions and scholars.
  • Liaison with funders and supporters.

Below is our President’s Report from June 2020, outlining our activities in the previous year:

The Garden History Research Foundation has launched several new initiatives over the last year. For these, I thank the energy and hard work of Foundation members: Treasurer Ian Duggan, Gail Pittaway, Peter Sergel, and Marilyn Yeoman, as well as Secretary James Cassidy. I also want to thank the financial support provided to us by the Friends of Hamilton Gardens.

2020 Achievements

  • Graduate Award for Outstanding Scholarship in Garden History:
    • July 2019, awarded to Zoë Heine (Victoria University of Wellington), to assist with her thesis on: ‘Community gardening’.
    • This was supported through funding provided by the Friends of Hamilton Gardens.
  • Garden History Lecture Series
    • COVID-19 lockdown has delayed the start of this series. Subject to a lifting on assembly and movement, we anticipate speakers at Hamilton Gardens on topics including gnomes, chinoiserie, and much more besides.
  • Bank account opened with SBS.

Looking to the year ahead, we plan to:

  • present a 2020 Graduate Award for Outstanding Scholarship in Garden History.
  • develop closer relations with the Australian Garden History Society, especially over research connections and the sharing of international speakers.
  • further a Garden History Public Lecture Series.
  • publish our first Occasional Papers
  • continue to expand our national and international outreach through blogs, publications, talks, social media posts, and advocacy.
  • open a donate page on our website.

James Beattie

Chair, Garden History Foundation