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Invercargill’s first Borough Gardener

John Cooper’s Topiary Garden, Newman

The Soldiers and the Olive Trees

The Daffodils of Hagley Park

‘Natural Lifeboats’: Reports of Giant Water Lilies in New Zealand

Hamilton’s Lake Rotoroa – “One of the Town’s Finest Assets”

Oh, ‘Chute! Santa’s near miss with the Auckland Wintergarden Glasshouses

John Cooper’s “World Famous” Topiary Gardens

What’s in a name? Bacchus and the ‘paddle plant’

Hamilton’s Parana Park: “A Haven from the Busy Rush”

Gardens Scenes on New Zealand Stamps

Miss Moore’s school garden, 1910 – 1924

What’s in a name? Punic apples, red trees, and botanical nomenclature

Putting down roots in a new settlement: George Matthews, Dunedin nursery and seedsman

A short history of New Zealand’s ‘The Gardener’s Journal’

There’s more to Hamilton Gardens than meets the eye 

Urban conservation and conflict in early Aotearoa: Dunedin Town Belt, 1848-1860s

A Dunedin garden and orchard from 1850-1905

When Ferns went Viral: New Zealand Women and the Global Fern Craze

Video: Japanese Internment, Garden-Making and Environment

Plant Collections of the Pharaohs: digging into the origins of botanical gardens

Book Review: Dumbarton Oaks anthology of Chinese garden literature

The Giant Pumpkin of Zaccheus Wells; A Legend that Lived in Memories for 50 years

China on a Plate: Willow Pattern Plates, World History and Gardening

Le Jardin d’Ermenonville: a philosophical garden in pre-Revolutionary France

Marriage Bells and Gorse Bouquets: Garden Flowers and Weddings in the Colonial South Island

The pre-1950s reporting of odd-shaped root vegetables in New Zealand

Planting a Colony: gardens, ecology and environmental change in the Otago Settlement, 1848-1861

The History of Garden Gnomes in New Zealand

Garden Star: Supporting Urban Native Biodiversity

Masonic Symbolism in the Picturesque Garden, Hamilton Gardens

Parapara, the maligned Bird Catcher Tree in New Zealand gardens

Hamilton Gardens future Medieval Garden

The usefulness of gardens as historical archives: Louis XIV and the gardens of Versailles

An early ‘Shakespeare Garden’ at Dunedin Botanic Garden

The new Baroque Garden at Hamilton Gardens

A Buxton Garden in Wadestown, Wellington

How has Covid-19 affected New Zealand’s gardening practices?

The Mansfield Garden, at Hamilton Gardens

Hobbiton: New Zealand’s Most Popular Garden?

Health and Wellbeing in Parks and Nature in 1800s Aotearoa New Zealand

Te Maimai: The creation of a New Zealand native garden from barren sand dunes

Can Music Represent Gardens?

Gardening in the Anthropocene: A Q&A with MScSoc student Zoë Heine

Following the Flowers – call for Māori participants for oral histories

A Garden on a Plate: Willow Pattern Design and World History [Podcast]

How common are ‘exotic’ invertebrates in public and botanical garden ponds?

Wellington’s Garden of Beneficence (Huiyuan 惠園)

War and Peas: Women, gardens and World War Two